A blur, a beautiful blurry blur

And only behavior explains the body,
Behavior completes the anatomy.
Expression is interaction
between you and your body!
From the ear to the brain to the mouth!
Expression lies aslant in you
maybe in a gap
between your inside
and your outside.
Where is aslant,
Aslant means not balanced, right?
No fixed coordinates
on a simple line.

Its an odd thing
in fact

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Standing Lady 2015

putting on to dance
moving with the rhythm
and the light

into the blue
at the horizon,
down into the blue,

into the depth of the water

becoming a body part
an extension, a limb

friendly suggesting
to take it
like this
with ease

Berta Fischer, helmet sculpture 2014

An Ocean of red
and black paths
directing everywhere.

What a beautiful blurry blur!

Tenderness is like that,
liquid and transparent,
abstract and real,
horizontal, flat,
constantly moving.

Simone Gilges, Ethiopia picture show 2014/15

This is a picture about nature.
This is a picture about Lonely Man.

Lonely Man is a character you can find everywhere.
He is always around,
in a way.

Chris Johanson, drawings 2014

there are those days -

Dante’s hell is
located here

taking comfort in poetry
or in watching tv
or lying in a hole
with a blanket

just waiting

Stefan Marx, Sundaayyyssss Neon 2015

Supergirl uses her Superbreath,
Blowing away captives in bubbles

Let go!
pink bubble
fly away
high and

Looking at the waves of the Indian Ocean
wondering what pink bubbles might be

an idea, a sketch,
a possible reality

Mike Ploog, Supergirl, storyboard, 1984

A house, a small
A space in a space
A tent
A cave, a cell
The walls are mild, a filter
A ceiling but not a roof
an outside and an inside.

with another person
sit or lay down
and doing nothing,
thinking or not thinking,
doing some photosynthesis
like a leaf

putting up a light maybe
music maybe
books maybe
pictures maybe
something to write maybe
a phone maybe
a mattress maybe with a cover

to carry everywhere

Vincent Tavenne, tent sculpture 2014

Atlantic Records

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Led Zeppelin
Missy Elliot
Otis Redding
Ray Charles
Roberta Flack
Sister Sledge
The Allman Brothers Band
The Blues Brothers
The Rolling Stones
The Velvet Underground
Wilson Pickett

Ina Weber, ceramic records 2015


Written by Giti Nourbakhsch