Agnes Lux - Death Dating

Karin Guenther Gallery is pleased to present Agnes Lux’s Death Dating, her first exhibition with the gallery.

With Death Dating, Lux continues her series of postcard collages. These large scale collages consist of blank ready-to-send postcards that are treated and arranged according to a specific system. Geometric shapes compress methodical movements to minimal-abstract surfaces. Prior to assembling the parts, Lux sends the cards to herself via mail, so that postal marks and other arbitrary indentations create a layer of chance. Irregularities of an algorithmic order encode travelled distance and create a complex image of order, randomness, flatness and space. A process of structured image creation contrasts past (communication-) technologies with present ones.

„Whoever is sending these to you – tell them to find an alternate method – maybe in an envelope – These stick to other mail + cause jams in our machinery.“

Agnes Lux Manuel is published in conjunction with the exhibition Death Dating and includes an essay by Thomas Brinkmann, Handbook (Now I’ll help myself).

Thomas Brinkmann writes in Handbook (Now I’ll help myself):

(…) „The object to be taken apart is simultaneously the carrier of information on its own disassembly. If this isn’t understood as a suggestion for a performance in which art could, again, achieve something for the use of new technologies, it’s returning (in a state of misuse) what was long disappropriated, because such a disassembly doesn’t need an experienced mechanic with Pentalobe aspirations.  It usually takes place without him. Obsolescence (death dating) is implemented, i.e. can be immediately unleashed when needed.“

Agnes Lux was born 1983 in Solingen, Germany. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Lux has exhibited extensively in the United States and throughout Europe. Recent solo presentations include Winter, summer together, Martos Gallery, New York, NY; Label the Shapes, Shoot the Lobster, Los Angeles, CA; To Whom It May Concern, SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy. She received an MFA from New York University, NY in 2012 and graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a Master Student in 2010.